Solar Powered Lightyear One Debuts with 450 Mile Range

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Electric cars are incredibly important in reducing humanity’s reliance on fossil fuels and impact on climate change, but with their continued reliance on the grid, they are still not as ‘clean’ as they could be.  A Dutch company called Lightyear aims to remove the uncertainty of where your car’s power comes from through the development of their solar-powered electric vehicle. 

The Lightyear One prototype boasts of a range of 450 miles (725 kilometers) on a single charge– a claim that no other solar-powered car can come close to.  Both the roof and hood are covered in 16 square feet of solar cells, embedded in safety glass for passenger protection.  The energy captured is stored in a battery smaller than most in the industry, but as the entire car is designed to maximize performance, the size difference should not be noticeable from other electric cars. 


And in case sun is not in the forecast, the car can also charge from regular outlets and existing charging stations for anything from a quick top-up to a full charging session.  The company claims that it is possible to get about 250 miles from charging for a single night from a standard European 230V outlet.

While the car is not yet ready to hit the road, reservations are open in case you want to snag a Lightyear One of your own.  Only 500 cars are available for the initial release in 2021, however, and you do have to pay €119,000 upfront (about $136,000 USD) to secure your reservation. 

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