SpaceX Targets Fourth Starship Flight Test: A Step Closer to Reusable Space Exploration

Starship FT-4 Launch
The Adventures of Starman SpaceX

SpaceX has scheduled the fourth flight test of Starship for Thursday, June 6, at Starbase in Texas. The test window opens at 7:00 a.m. CT, with a live webcast starting about 30 minutes before liftoff. Following the successful third flight, this test shifts focus towards improving the reusability of the Starship and Super Heavy booster.

Key objectives include a landing burn and a soft splashdown in the Gulf of Mexico for the Super Heavy. Starship will perform a controlled reentry. These steps are crucial for developing reusable rocket technology, essential for cost-effective space travel.

Upgrades have been made to the Starship’s software and hardware, enhancing reliability. Changes in operations will also occur, including the jettisoning of the Super Heavy’s hot-stage to reduce mass. This adjustment aids in a smoother final flight phase.

Starship’s flight path will mirror the previous test, targeting a splashdown in the Indian Ocean. This route maximizes safety and still achieves the mission’s primary goals. The countdown to launch includes detailed timelines for fuel loading and system checks. These are designed to ensure all systems are go for the test.

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The launch sequence includes fueling with liquid methane and oxygen, booster fueling, and chilling of the Raptor engines. These preparations lead to the final moments before launch, ensuring each system functions perfectly.

Starship Flight Ft-4 Mission Path

As SpaceX advances its technology, this fourth Starship test is pivotal. It moves us closer to a future of sustainable space travel. The mission will help establish a reusable transportation system for missions to Earth orbit, the Moon, Mars, and beyond.

For real-time updates and the thrill of cutting-edge space technology, tune into the SpaceX webcast on X.

Launch Schedule Countdown

All times approximate:

01:15:00SpaceX Flight Director conducts poll and verifies GO for propellant load
00:49:00Ship fuel (liquid methane) load underway
00:47:00Ship LOX (liquid oxygen) load underway
00:40:00Booster fuel load underway
00:37:00Booster LOX load underway
00:19:40Raptor begins engine chill on booster and ship
00:03:20Ship propellant load complete
00:02:50Booster propellant load complete
00:00:30SpaceX flight director verifies GO for launch
00:00:10Flame deflector activation
00:00:03Raptor ignition sequence begins
00:00:00Excitement guaranteed

Flight Test Timeline

All Times Approximate

00:01:02Max Q (moment of peak mechanical stress on the rocket)
00:02:41Super Heavy MECO (most engines cut off)
00:02:45Hot-staging (Starship Raptor ignition and stage separation)
00:02:49Super Heavy boostback burn startup
00:03:52Super Heavy boostback burn shutdown
00:03:54Hot-stage jettison
00:06:39Super Heavy is transonic
00:06:43Super Heavy landing burn startup
00:07:04Super Heavy landing burn shutdown
00:08:23Starship engine cutoff
00:47:25Starship entry
01:03:11Starship is transonic
01:04:01Starship is subsonic
01:05:38Landing flip
01:05:43Landing burn
01:05:48An exciting landing!

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