No More Flats: Michelin’s Puncture-Proof Tire System

How many of you have found yourselves stuck on the side of the road with a flat tire?  Worse, maybe you experienced a catastrophic loss of tire pressure somewhere in the dark, or maybe in the middle of a storm, or perhaps even miles from the nearest signs of civilization.  Such a situation is every driver’s nightmare.  But cheer up, drivers– it looks like Michelin may have come up with a new tire that makes flats and blowouts a thing of the past. 

First revealed in 2017, Michelin’s Uptis (Unique Puncture-proof Tire System) prototype is meant to be the first in a new generation of airless solutions.  In addition to being airless, it aims to be wirelessly connected, come with a 3-D printed or rechargeable tread pattern, and be 100 percent sustainable in terms of being constructed of renewable or bio-sourced materials. 

No More Flats: Michelin's Puncture-Proof Tire System
Photo by Steve Fecht for General Motors

Since approximately 20 percent of tires are scrapped annually thanks to punctures or irregular wear, Michelin believes that their new product could save up to 2 million tons of trashed material each year.  There is also less raw material used in their production, which reduces additional waste. 

The manufacturer aims for the Uptis to make drivers feel safer and more secure on the road.  Professional drivers or businesses with fleets can look forward to not being stuck with downtime due to flats, and maintenance needs related to their tires should be nearly eliminated.

We could see the Michelin Uptis released as a mainstream product as soon as 2024.  Being stuck on the side of the road (at least thanks to tire problems) should soon be a thing of the past.

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