Fish Passages Allow Salmon to Migrate With Less Stress

Fish Passages Allow Salmon to Migrate With Less Stress

Dams are pretty important.  Blocking up waterways to provide water for domestic, industry, and irrigation purposes, generate hydroelectric power, and to give us the recreational areas where we enjoy fishing, swimming, and boating has been happening for hundreds of years. 

But obviously, they have an impact on the natural environment where they are located.  One of those problems, at least in case of the salmon, is that fish are no longer able to migrate to the upper reaches of rivers where they spawn.  In places like northwest America, this becomes an even more critical issue because of the salmon’s keystone place in the region’s overall ecosystem.  Is there any solution to this problem that exists outside of tearing down dams?

Inside the machinery

There is, actually.  Whooshh Innovations, a company based in Seattle, has developed a unique way of transporting fish over those pesky dams.  Their FishL Passage Portals allow native fish to pass over dams in seconds and continue on their way with little to no stress, allowing them to reach their spawning grounds.  They also can help filter out invasive species who may otherwise wreak havoc on the local habitat. 

The technology costs 80 percent less than other fish passage options.  The FishL Passage also reduces the time spent on fish handling and transport by human workers.  Finally, it improves water management practices so that more energy can be generated and more water provided to farmers without affecting fish migration. 

And honestly, it looks really cool to watch fish shoot out of a tube and continue on their merry way.

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